Natural Stone Flooring – Going the Natural way!


When it comes to decoration, the human race fancies nothing but the best. And garnishing a well made architectonic excellence is something that won’t be left that easy. And the buzz right now is mostly occupied by the natural stone flooring. This uses natural stone tiles which may include anything from limestone, basalt, marble, sandstone, even slate. Such tiles are organically formed after undergoing millions of years of natural processes thus resulting in a solid, durable, and permanent piece of stone. Needless to say, these are beautiful and do spruce up the installed area. The grace of natural stone flooring is peerless and hence will be forever craved.

And to add to all these, there’s more too! They are recyclable and hence can be reclaimed, thus going the Green way! The flooring, therefore, done with the aforesaid tiles can come handy as it becomes a priced possession. As such it increases the value of the build and simultaneously adds elegance. They get better with age, thus the area remains burnished forever.

Comparing with carpets, stone tiles are healthier as no hair or dirt is trapped. Also house mites and dust are reduced considerably. And they can be laid throughout the home, including bedroom! The base is that of concrete and at times timber too. But so far as timber floors are concerned, it must be kept in mind that the structure can support the extra ounce of weight, hence avoiding collapse.

The only extraneous cost added on the stone flooring is that of sealant. To avoid stain formation, as the case may be because of spilled liquids or some filthy substance, they must be sealed and resealed periodically.

All in all, the concept of covering the floor with natural stone not just brightens it up, but also provides us with a bundle of profitable packets. Not to forget the natural appeal we would be blessed with, natural stone flooring is an unparalleled option.


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