Limestone Counter-top- Instructions to get the tiles honed


Honed limestone tiles are a great replacement to the otherwise option of reinstalling a new one just to hide a few blemishes. Tiles do develop scratches or wear out pattern with time and this can be got rid by honing them beforehand. Though they do look dull post honing, the durability factor is considerably increased.
A natural stone, limestone, has found its place not only as flooring tiles but also as counter tops in kitchen. The primary reason being the visual pleasure they provide with the random colour pattern they possess. But with time they tend to lose the class and as such honing them becomes a necessity.
Here are instructions one should follow while honing limestone counter-top-
1. Wipe it using a wet rag or sponge. This will remove any type of impurity particles and make the surface clean. You may also use a solution if you want, but keep in mind that the solution is not abrasive.
2. Moderately wet a 2 foot section of the counter-top by pouring water.
3. Now place the sander, using 800-grit wet diamond polishing pad, on that surface with the lowest speed setting and move it from one end to the other for 10 to 12 times. Also make sure that you make passes slightly overlapping each row.
4. A milky white water will accumulate on the surface. Wipe it off using a rag or sponge.
5. Repeat points 2 to 4, this time using 1500-grit wet diamond polishing pad.
6. Now replace the 1500-grit wet diamond polishing pad with a 3000-grit pad and repeat points 2 to 4. This will ensure with a shinier surface.

A perfectly honed limestone tiles counter-top is hence available.


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